Standby Generators

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Whether you run a business, use sensitive medical equipment at home or simply want the peace of mind of never losing power, a standby generator might be the best purchase you ever make. Investing in a standby generator is like paying for insurance against being left in the cold and dark. Whatever your reason for investing in a standby generator, when the whole neighborhood loses power, you’ll be patting yourself on the back until the power comes back for being prepared.

Standby generators are appliances permanently installed near your home or business and are connected directly to the electrical panel. They are powered either by natural gas or liquid propane and contain an internal transfer switch that will automatically start the backup power the minute normal electrical service is interrupted. Given their intricate nature, it is extremely important that you get a professional to set it up and maintain it. After all, what’s the point of investing in a standby generator if you can’t depend on it in times of need?

If you are committed to getting a standby generator, trust White Eagle Electrical Services LLC’s electricians to make sure you are getting one that’s guaranteed to work. When home and business owners in the area take shopping for and installing a standby generator into their own hands, it is very common that they purchase one that’s ill-equipped to give them the energy that they need. Or, worse, it’s even more likely that they incorrectly install the generator, creating a serious safety hazard rather than safety net.

When you let White Eagle Electrical Services LLC’s licensed and insured electricians come by your home or business to conduct a load assessment, we can make sure that you get the standby generator that’s capable of supporting all your energy demands and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not it’ll work because we are the area’s foremost standby generator experts. Give us a call today to arrange for your load assessment.

Why a Standby Generator is Better Than a Portable Generator

There are plenty of home and business owners in the area that don’t see a difference between these two types of generators. All they see is the price of a portable generator and think that’s good enough for them. Here’s the thing though, portable generators are a temporary solution at best. Standby generators, because they are automatically connected to home’s electrical system and are powered by either natural gas or propane, they provide a seamless transition of power.

A portable generator, meanwhile, requires home and business owners to get the generator out and manually connect it to their electrical system via a transfer switch or cord connect. And since portable generators run on regular gasoline, it will need to be refueled regularly and there is the possibility that it causes carbon monoxide to fill the space you’re occupying.

For reliable power in a time of need, standby generators are worth the price.

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